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Exciting Real Estate Logo


We need a memorable Real Estate Logo - strong, tropical, mermaids?

Brand Name

Real Estate


We are looking for a memorable logo, which is less real estate focused and more of a statement. Something strong. prefer simple, lines or silhouette. Interested in a simple sophisticated design which incorporates the words OnMarco. A design which includes a Mermaid is the look we are going for, but other beach or tropical ideas will be considered. OnMarco or ONMARCO one word, capital M or all caps.

Don't Wants

Not cartoon looking. Nothing too complicated. The words real estate or realty

About Us

We are a growing real estate team in Florida. The location is a tropical island. We are professional, approachable and not your traditional real estate agents. We want a logo which can represent a unique progressive approach Please post any questions, I'll be providing regular feedback and question response. Here are a few examples... we like this one: would look great with the 'O' of On Marco... Example 1: Example 2: Example 3: Example 4: Example 5: Example 6:

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November 3, 2011 6:09 AM

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