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My NY Home Solution LLC


This is a start-up LLC for a Real Estate Investment Company


I am very open to designer opinions. Red, Blue and some white is noted below as the colors I would like incorporated. Something with an traditional "Americana" feel to it perhaps. Even though its "NY" in the name, this logo will eventually represent all the other states, and that MUST be kept in mind. Must be kept professional, demostrate trust, comfortability, reliability.

Don't Wants

Anything LOUD. LLC in the name.

About Us

We help people whom are in situations where they either need to buy or sell a home, and they need to do it quickly, or someone who need to rent. We have private investors behind us that fund the purchase of any type of Real Estate, SFR 2, 3, 4plexes, vacant land, apts, mobile homes, etc. We are starting out in NY, and plan on expanding to the rest of the tri-state area, then northeast, eastern seaboard, westcoast, and then meet in the middle of the country. As the company grows state by state, we will add "My CA Home Solution", MY FL Home Solution" etc. Would like ONE logo that can be used no matter what state we expand too next. The only change in the title will be the state initials itself.

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October 24, 2011 11:11 AM

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