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Flourish Forward Logo


Logo for business dedicated to teaching individuals entrepreneurial success


a modern and abstract looking logo that works well with B2C and B2B clients. The idea is to teach individuals to take control of their lives through proactive decision making. The current logo is two vector abstract people reaching for the sky - looks lame, but it was free. I was thinking something like a fiber optic lights - one individual creating multiple opportunities.

Don't Wants

flowers or anything that resembles something girlish.


1. #36a860 The colors are optional. I was thinking blue/green or even multi-colored would work.
2. #2754c4 No Note
3: #b32e2e this is totally optional

About Us

I am an HR and Career Consultant. I recently bought the rights to sell and market an entrepreneurial program which intertwines into both of these avenues. This training program will be marketed with the HR company to B2B organizations that need a cultural change and to consumers as a personal development program.

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October 23, 2011 1:09 PM

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