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Design Brief

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KAMPcoordinator : Kids' Adventure Mapping Program


We would like a logo that conveys the ideas behind camps (summer camps, spring-break camp, etc.) adventure, and mapping (e.g. planning, coordinating, managing)

Brand Name

KAMPcoordinator : Kids' Adventure Mapping Program


Our original idea for a design focused on the use of a map and a compas to tie in the idea of mapping and adventure. However, since camps are quite varied ( e.g. sports camps, writing camps, art camps) we are open to other possibilities. We've suggested some colors but again, we are open to your creative ideas. In addition to sky blue, grass green and khaki or light yellow, some red, orange or bright color would also be interesting to add or used to change out.

Don't Wants

anything like tents or related to going camping. Summer and other youth camps also range in ages from very young to teenagers so the logo shouldn't be too focussed on toddlers but also appeal to the teen summer camp experience.


1. #67cceb to represent sky perhaps
2. #426b27 to represent outdoors perhaps
3: #e6dd7a No Note

About Us

Our goal it to connect parents/kids with camp opportunities during school breaks like summer, spring break, winter break, etc.

Clip Art Allowed


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October 16, 2011 9:20 PM

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closed over 10 years ago