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Survivor Support Co. Logo


Logo for a Non profit which provides clothing and resources to recent victims of sexual assault.


the logo to create a feeling of strength, hope and regeneration. Trying to avoid the classification of a victim, and re-classify a person as a Survivor.

Don't Wants

anything harsh. No Red or dark dark colors. No mention of sex.


1. #ffffff -
2. #ffffff No Note

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About Us

Logo for a non profit company which provides clothing for sexual assault victims after they have completed their 'rape kit' for the collection of evidence. After a traumatic experience such as an assault, if a criminal case is going to be brought against the suspect the victim is forced to relinquish their clothing to law enforcement for evidence testing. At some point services might be offered for victims of other crimes too.

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October 16, 2011 12:34 AM

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