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Logo for small online furniture company


Simple, yet catchy, not flashy

Brand Name

PJR Furniture


UPDATE: check this link for a description and pics of what I'm looking for: - Thanks!

UPDATE: Check this link for a picture of my idea: -Thanks!
I want a logo for my online furniture company (PJR Furniture)(slogan- where everything is Priced Just Right.....or.....Priced Just Right)that is clean/neat.
I'm open to your creative design genius! I'm going for a more subtle color theme - Neutral colors - creams,khaki, dark brown, earth tones.
I am fine with a symbol being a different color such as black, dark red, dark turquoise, ect. as long as it looks good...I'll let you know more as I get your ideas. I want a white background.
I'm good with Symbol, letter or abstract branding. I DO want it simple though....not flashy. I've come up with a couple ideas on my own having a piece of modern furniture in the logo,but didn't like anything I came up with.
I need it to say...professional, dependable, good quality, NOT expensive, but NOT cheap, NOT super elegant.

Think - Simple and modern

Don't Wants

No Flashy, no loopy fonts. Not a lot of different colors, keep it very basic.


1. Black -
2. White No Note
3: Silver No Note

About Us

This is an online furniture company. My goal is to keep pricing very competitive so that the average Joe can afford furniture of good quality at a great price. This will be a local sales only company (Utah). We are very customer oriented and want the customer to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

Clip Art Allowed


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October 10, 2011 3:04 PM

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