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Real Estate Agent Logo


Looking for a modern logo to represent real estate

Brand Name

Slogan is: Today's agent, for tomorrow's home


My name is Zachariah McReynolds and I would like a logo using the "ZMc" from my name to be my main logo I will use. I like the simpler logos but with double or hidden meanings and I want it modern and to reflect the real estate or housing industry. I would like the letters to form a picture or be hidden into the picture, but the logo should convey real estate.(the pictures i posted just relfect the "hidden" concept I like)

Don't Wants

I do not want the slogan to be in the logo just the logo and maybe/maybe not in use with my full name "Zachariah McReynolds"


1. #ff0000 I like red but I am open to your suggestions, but not too many different colors

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September 8, 2011 3:19 PM

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