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Design Brief

Business Card & Stationery Contest


Logo/name treatment needed

Subtitle needs to be the name, but logo should integrate

Brand Name


Ask questions if you have them.

I need something integrated that could either stand on it's own or with the  Not too big so it can be used on letterhead, throughout a web site, embroidered, etc.

First use will be for business cards.  I intend to have the integrated log/ on one side of the cards with a solid color background and then the contact info on the other side.  I may have cards that open with some bullets inside on the left and some text on the right.  I will use the design element in in my PowerPoint master, on my training materials used with hundreds of customers and on letterhead.


I like dark/navy blue and a dark green.  The green on my site is probably a little light and will be changed when I actually get a real site up and running. 

Needs to convey professional, (target market is executives) but not cold.  Should say "direction, guidance". 


I will also need web site design and other after this is solidified.

If your really adventursome you could try to use the company name, Human Dynamics Consulting and have the like a tag line, but I think that will confuse people.

Don't Wants

I don't want an arial name with a logo plopped beside or on top of it. 

About Us

We have been in business since 2003 with no logo or branding.  Company name is Human Dynamics Consulting, LLC. and we are about people and change.  We work with CEOs to "Keep Their Vision on Course"and so the website name is  (All forms of Human Dynamics was taken)  I have resisted changing the company name to Vision On Course because I think Human Dynamics can still be the name with the emphasis on the tag line of Keeping Your Vision on Course which will push people to the web site.

Clip Art Allowed


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September 27, 2008 10:36 PM

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