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Design Brief

Logo Contest


Logo for Ivy Voices


Modern and Classic Logo

Brand Name

Ivy Voices


Please use green as one of the primary colors.
No more than 3 colors
We want logo to evoke inclusiveness, not elitism
Combination of classic and modern
Simple so it's easily identified at far distance.
Need to standout both on small computer thumbnails as well as on full size banners.

Don't Wants

Anything fussy or busy.
Please don't use any ivy/plant images. It doesn't convey anything.
We want to convey upward professional high end contacts

About Us

Just to be clear. Our brand name is Ivy Voices. This is what we're looking for in the logo. The rest of the information is simply to help understand the background and feel of the brand. It is an Ivy League Alumni Website It's community based. Providing support. Solving problems. Connecting friends.

Clip Art Allowed


Contest Started

May 20, 2012 10:39 PM

Contest Ends

closed over 11 years ago