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Life Coach for Women


Simple and striking logo.

Brand Name

Life Coaching


I saw two logos I liked. One (see attached) is an image which rests over the top of the therapist' name and title. The other was the therapist's name and a unique, striking flower stem that is set in a space of the name. Both are striking. I can see an abstract design of a woman over my name or a bold and budding or starting to open flower signifying growth and power. Colors, colors. Not sure. I have thought about a rosy type of color but am open.

Don't Wants

Traditional bold colors often seen with life coach logos and websites - loud blue, red, yellow. I also don't want feminine colors like pastels.


1. #a82b4f -
2. #751351 No Note
3: #591666 No Note

About Us

My name is Linda Lee Denton and I am a life coach for women. I help women of all ages and cultures to live life with purpose, passion and power.

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September 29, 2011 1:36 PM

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