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I want a creative LOGO.

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Design #42 by bohnulus!
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Hey are you still Looking for a Logo, or found one.. New to this site...


it is possible that the client will want to see designs in green as well. I'll wait for feedback.


Love #15, great job!


I see you guys liked my "Green Engineering" tagline I wrote, this was not a client request... hope it works!!!

De Vos Designs

green engineering is not really new,bohnulus....
but if you want to give yourself credit for it,be my guest,lol.....

De Vos Designs

for the designers who created more "vertical" designs...
keep in mind that if you have small print in it and the logo is printed on standard size business cards or in the corner of company letters
most people will not be able to read it ;)
the same goes for very light colours....


hahahahahahahahah right you are do vos!!!!!!


I wonder if this contest will go without a winner as well. Seriously, half the contests on here recently don't have a winner. Why is that? Makes me wonder if I should keep trying..


teewok & bohnulus u guys are amazing i saw your design . those are marvelous ... i wish i could work with your guys to boost my skill ...