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Design #75 by bohnulus!
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#43 in my opinion is a brilliant approach, it just needs a better design approach... needs tolook cooler but it is brilliant i love when someone sees messaging in a tagline line like this. I'm going to be inspired by this in the future.


Thank you bohnulus. The design itself is probably too flat and lacking any techy vibe. Maybe reworked properly it could make for a better suited design for this project. I do like the colors and layouts you used in your designs, particularly #27. I think that would fit nicely in a software interface and NoviSigns other applications.


Just curious. how long does it take you designers to come up with stuff like these. Usually takes me a few hours to get something I like.


That's why they call it art"work" anything worth looking at will probably take a bit of time, that's the lot of an artist...its keeps us thriving.


#70 has the most unusual yet attractive colour combination ;)