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Klaya Marie


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Design #104 by bohnulus!
(awarded over 3 years ago)


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Hello everyone! I think I would like to add another day or two to this competition. I really like the color scheme of #39 (top/bottom left) and I like the layout of #15. I like the signature style in #39, but am looking for something less scratchy and more smooth. I like the initials less bold in color (like #39) but more proportional to the name in #15 (or something in between #39 and #15). I also like the business card size vice the square. All the designs have been great! Thank you! Klaya


Contest Holder

Love the designs, but am looking for Blue font (not teal) for the Klaya Marie with a more subtle KM (with a different color, shadow like). I also like a gray background, light or dark. Thanks everyone!


Love #92